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Jennifer Schwartz fell in love with strength training at age 16, but suffered multiple knee injuries as a competitive athlete. Because of this, she developed a curiosity for fusing athletics and fitness - eventually moving on to stoke that passion boundlessly. Jennifer spent the last 10 years of her career working holistically with the integrating recovery, fitness and the neuromuscular therapy into her practice. Her passion for the nervous system stemmed from her desire to save it from the degeneration that ALS takes from individuals like her mother, Joan Kelly.

Jennifer achieved her Master of Science in Health Management, is a published author for licensed medical professionals and became the Creator and director of injury prevention and fitness program for Alexandria Soccer Association 2013-2019. Over the years since then, she has helped hundreds of athletes in the studio, on the field and remotely with her virtual educational content with their goals of moving without pain and achieving their fitness goals to their fullest potential.

Now serving her community as the founder of Impact Your Fitness studio in Alexandria, Virginia, Schwartz works with individuals with prior injuries who still dream of moving efficiently. She also shares her expertise virtually with thousands of downloads from loyal, curious listeners of her podcast network, Think Fit Be Fit. Her passion for helping people of all ages learn the most effective methods for developing strength for staying fit provides an accessible method of changing the way we think about exercise for a healthier, stronger world. Jennifer is a published author in Lifestyle Medicine coursework for Evidence in Motion (EIM) that is being utilized as a method to instill a new wellness paradigm in medical and healthcare.⁠⁠

Her specialties and favorite topics to discuss include:

Late stage injury rehabilitation
Arthritis management
Correcting muscle imbalances from old sports injuries
Pain Neuroscience Education

Strength & Conditioning Programming
Managing chronic injury
Post-surgery exercise

Jenn boasts the prestigious MAT Rx certification, being one of only 90 practitioners of this special therapeutic technique in the world. Her specialties take a full-body approach to injury recovery and strength training, incorporating her love for learning and functional anatomy to aid her clients. In order to maximize performance and health, she focuses on muscle function and movement mechanics in almost every session.

Learn more about Impact Your Fitness and how she is revolutionizing performance care.


Certification Medical Exercise Physiologist from the American College of Sports Medicine

Evidence In Motion

Muscle Activation Techniques MATRx Full Body Master Specialist

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